Grandma Cecile

Grandma Cecile. Where this journey begins.

The wooden recipe box I received for Christmas (which is also the inspiration behind “Bless the Food”) belonged to her. I never met her but I have heard SO many wonderful stories about her.

Grandma Cecile is my dad’s grandmother, my great grandmother. She was all of 5 feet but had the temperament as if she were 10 feet tall and bulletproof. She loved to cook, bake and host company any time she could and always served tea or lemonade on her porch. She was the epitome of a “Southern Lady”.

Although she was a very proper classy lady, she also was not afraid to get her hands dirty by working in the massive garden her husband and she owned. She would drive the tractor, plant different vegetables, and mow right alongside my great grandfather and would do it happily. Everyone talks about what a green thumb she had (something I definitely admire because I kill every plant I have). According to family members, Grandma Cecile was a very traditional southern cook who loved to cook for her family. She always wanted to take care of anybody that came to her  home.

Grandma Cecile was poised, hardworking, hospitable, and feisty; everything I aspire to be. I never knew I had so much in common with her.


So the very first recipe I am going to bake is Grandma Cecile’s “Warm Peach Cobbler Pie” and I am SO excited to try this delicious sounding dessert.
First you will need:

•4 Tbs butter

•1 cup self-rising flour

•1 cup sugar

•1 cup milk

Start by melting the butter in a baking dish. Then combine the flour, sugar, and milk. Pour that batter into a baking dish and bring to a boil.

Finally, pour 3 cups of sweetened sliced peaches (with juice) over the batter in the baking dish and bake at 375 degrees. Grandma Cecile’s recipe does not specify how long to bake the cobbler so I just watched it until it got golden brown; about 20-22 minutes.

Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for a scrumptious  dessert a la mode.

Let’s dig in!


5 thoughts on “Grandma Cecile

  1. Such a precious story about a strong southern woman – reminds me of my grandmother – I can’t wait to make this peach cobbler pie soon!! Looks delicious 😋


  2. I had so many memories pop into my head as I read your lovely words about my grandma. Her food was always wonderful. Great blog sweetheart.


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