When I decided to take a baking and pastry class last year I had no idea that it would turn into this hidden passion I never knew I had. I found making cupcakes, tarts, and souffles set a spark in my soul and that this was going to be a new hobby for me for the rest of my life. Little did I know that this new passion would send me on a journey to connect more with my family in a way that has always been the center of our worlds.
This journey starts a couple days after Christmas 2016. While visiting my grandparents for the holidays, we did the customary exchanging of gifts but one of the gifts I received was especially special to me. My dad’s sister, my Aunt Joanna, gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received, my great grandmother’s swooden recipe box with handwritten recipes in it. Now, you have to understand that I’ve grown up hearing stories of the strong, independent women my great grandma Cecile and great grandma Eva Taylor were and how they were wonderful cooks and bakers. Having a gift that helped me connect to these women had me humbled and speechless. I couldn’t wait to try out these recipes for myself! I come from a long, long line of amazing chefs on both sides of my family so cooking and baking comes naturally to me.

Because of this, I have decided to go on a mission to better connect and understand from where my family comes. Food has always been a huge component of our lives and I can’t wait to embark on this journey and discover who I am as a chef.
Join me on this food journey for dessert recipes, yummy creations and a little family history.I can’t wait to share with you!
Let’s dig in!


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